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5th June 2015

Buy An Old Maschine


There was a time buying something new would always guaranteed you had a higher grade technology and you could boast about the new features it has to offer. If I were to use the television for this example you can appreciate my point. If you had an old television its hard to compare it to a new one. This has been a conditional tradition for very long time, so I think in today’s kit buying culture it is no different from the eighties in this regard to buying new. So when it comes to Native Instruments Maschine I suspect the same thing to be happening. I purchased a Maschine Micro mark one when it first hit the streets in 2011. I have since upgraded the software to the latest versions when they have been released, so I have never missed out on any new features that have been upgraded or added. I have beat the life from my Maschine, so I do not have the physical feel or the fancy disco lights (my joke! 🙂 )of any of the Maschine mark 2 series. I do have the latest software which reinforces my point about buying an old Maschine as oppose to a new one . If money is no object then of course go out and get it. If you are on a strict budget like the majority of us this thought should be kept in mind.

In a time where every thing computer related like phones, Tablets , TVs etc., have all of their wonderful features hidden within menus. You have to consider the time spent seeking, scrolling and paging plus also your performance or production effort. It is so much easier to have dedicated buttons and dials. Its priceless in a performance scenario and a time saver in the studio. My suggestion here is to buy a second Maschine if you have one expressly for this purpose. Having two Maschines hooked up is an easy thing to do and there lots of tutorials on this. I remember seeing Jeremy Ellis mangling two Maschine Micros in Natives Instruments promotional video for it.

It is really nice to unbox a brand new Maschine, Im sure many of us have had this thought. Hold on to it as Native Instruments provide a good really system when it comes to licencing. It is not a problem for you to get one off Ebay and register yourself as the new owner. This could save planet by prolonging the life of a Maschine it stays off the electrical scrap heap. Its not the magic bullet to save the planet entirely but it can have a part in the solution.

Im sure i will be back with more reasons but this is enough to establish the point. Kewba

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24th May 2015

5 Free Maschine Expansion Downloads

It is very hard thing to say free today when we mention the likes of Native Instruments Maschine, as it has very strong place in the business of music production. I love to programme some of kewbas productions on this box as it has its own character that represents well, So when I see Maschine Expansions Im confident of what im in for being in the game of selling the cost is considered an investment. What if your you have no budget or you just want to play around with some sounds here is a list of some links that will let you dig deeper into Maschine without digging in your wallet. I firmly believe in separating the creativity and the business of creativity, as they require different disciplines.


first link was published by flux302 on his website a little while back. He has a nice Youtube tutorial for those who need the guide, and has a few different packs to offer so show him some love in 2015 for Free Mashcine Expansions nice 1 Flux 🙂

2 Conant Gardens


Created by the multi talented Amp Fiddler Conant Gardens Soul of Detroit is packed with sounds . A load of hiphop plus funk, jazz, afrobeat and deep house so you know what your in for, if you don’t know Amp you should check out his work here . This pack at the time of writing is available for sale at the Native Instruments website, Its is also available as a free download but you have to suffer a slow download as it is also on a file sharing website :(.

Links :-

3 Drop Squad


The Drop Squad Massive Bass Invasion does what it says on the box. It is packed with a bunch of tailor made bass sounds , come with a load of Massive presets and additional special kits. This is another expansion available for sale at the Native Instruments website. It has been placed on a file sharing website so it a long download.

Links :-

4 Raw Voltage


Raw Voltage Pure Analogue Power is targeted at the analogue enthusiast in a digital domain. The samples have all been taken from custom hardware so you can guarantee some originals. It comes packed with kits, instruments and patterns and is also available for sale at Native Instruments. This too has bee placed on a file sharing site so slow grind downloading but worth it.

Link :-

5 Arcane Attic


Arcane Attic has a lot to bring to the table, regarding production. It prides its self on rugged field recordings. It really is a Swiss army knife for a producer with Maschine it has kits for every occasion. Its also ships with Massive and Drum Synth preset so out the box your ready to go. This is another expansion available for sale at the Native Instruments website and has been also shared.


[su_youtube url=” Youtube :″]

Link :-

As we are in the world of copyright I would say these downloads links offer you a try before yo buy scenario. Please respect the copyright holders and enjoy


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